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Landscape Design & Planning Permission Applications

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Landscape Design & Planning Permission Applications

As qualified Landscape Architects we prepare landscape planning applications on a nationwide basis for home owners, Architects & other design teams members.

Landscape plans are often required by Local Authorities as a part of planning permission applications for residential & commercial developments.

Landscape Consultancy Services are dedicated to designing landscapes that are suitable, high quality and utilise sustainable principles

We follow a rigorous design process and all projects are tailored to each client’s requirements. We deliver effective sustainable design solutions for a range of projects, from single developments to landscape strategies for large residential and commercial sites.

Landscape Consultancy Services can provide every stage of the landscape design process from outline landscape design as part of the planning process to detailed landscape design leading to construction and maintenance.


A summary of our landscape design services include.

  • Site assessment & evaluation
  • Production of conceptual designs & masterplans
  • Detailed planting plans & Construction Drawings
  • Budget estimates & tender documents
  • Preparation of contracts and inspection of the works as required
  • Management plans & maintenance schedule preparations

    We have a very good understaing of the landscape planning process and also the requirements of Local Authorties. We would be delighted to talk to you about your project. Please take the time ot view our Recent Projects.